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Saving on 086 numbers

Vox Orion believes its least cost routing solution will help its customers save money when dialing 0860 numbers.

0860 numbers are a boon to consumers: No matter where they are in the country, they pay local call rates to get in touch with a national business. But for the businesses who foot the Telkom bill for the difference, the costs can be high.

Now, however, Vox Orion customers can reduce those costs with a least-cost routing (LCR) solution specifically designed for 0860 numbers.

‚The problem exists because South Africa’s regulatory environment doesn’t yet allow for proper geographic number portability,‚ says Vox Orion MD Jacques du Toit. ‚If it was possible to have local numbers in Nelspruit and Kimberley and Bloemfontein, that would ring in your Johannesburg office, many businesses would choose that. Until we get there, the 0860 system is an expensive compromise.‚

Vox Orion’s LCR solution relies on the fact that the company has a point of presence (POP) in most towns in South Africa, linked by Vox’s own national backbone network. ‚We pick up the call at the local exchange, and then carry it to its destination across our own network,‚ he says. ‚The customer saves the entire national portion of the call. ‚

The service is available to any Vox Orion customer who has converted to the Cristal Vox all-in-one voice and data solution. ‚So far we have converted 30% of our total customer base,‚ says Du Toit. ‚It’s becoming very clear that once that link is there, it makes sense for our customers to use it as much as possible, for as many services as possible. Nobody can afford to sell just one product anymore.‚

Du Toit says the move towards having a single supplier for all voice and data requirements is now unstoppable. ‚Our customers used to think it was risky to put all their eggs in one basket,‚ he says. ‚But nowadays failing to take advantage of the efficiencies on offer is a bigger risk.‚

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