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Why Nokia went Pure Android



When HMD Global decided to install Pure Android, many customers where confused. However, the reasoning behind it was simple – it allowed users to decide exactly what is installed on their Nokia smartphones.

Why did HMD Global decide to go Pure Android with Nokia phones? The answer lies in the problem facing many modern consumers: that mobile devices come with bloatware pre-installed, effectively taking the power away from standard apps. Pure Android lets users decide exactly what apps are installed on their mobile devices.

“This is something people really want from the get go,” says Patrick Henchie, head of product for Southern Africa at HMD Global. “It’s a refreshing change for consumers to be able to fully personalise their mobile devices.”

Pure Android also eliminates the restraints put on the general performance of devices. “When you eliminate unnecessary clutter from your mobile device, you are able to improve its performance by maximising its processing capability, RAM efficiency and storage capacity with exactly what you want,” says Henchie.

Furthermore, the time it takes for system updates to become available is considerably reduced. This has the added benefit of ensuring users receive mobile security updates as they are available.

“South Africans have long since realised the importance of having up to date mobile security, particularly with the rise in popularity of browsing, mobile banking and social media,” says Henchie.. “Monthly security updates is an essential factor in keeping your personal information safe and secure. Pure Android ensures this. With other android players, security updates only become available after several months post release.”

An added benefit of Pure Android, is that it will have great appeal to young users, who tend to know exactly what they want and when they want it from their mobile devices.

“It’s fundamental for them to have the freedom to make their own choices. They don’t want unnecessary bloatware forced down on them, they want the freedom to make an educated decision before every purchase. This is where Pure Android can offer them exactly what they desire.”