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Where do YOU play Angry Birds?

The developers of Squigs, a revamp of the 1990s Amiga puzzle game recently ran a survey to reveal iPhone owners’ habits.

Squigs, a revamp of the classic 1990s Amiga puzzle game, conducted a consumer survey with the goal of revealing iPhone owners’ gaming habits. The retro ‚match-three’ game was successfully ported to Apple iOS in November of this year. It has now been updated to version 1.1 and is available for immediate download at the Apple App Store.

Over the past month, the developers of Squigs have been asking the UK and US mobile gaming community about how, when and where they play games, to get a feel for how they’d like to see classic games developed for iOS in the near future:

¬∑ The survey, titled: ‚How do you play games on your iPhone?’, set out to discover the gaming habits of iPhone players and found that: more than 70% of mobile gamers surveyed like to use mobile games to make their daily commute more interesting. More people (24%) admitted they play mobile games in the bathroom, than playing games at work (16%)

· None of the respondents had paid more than £6.99 ($10.99) for a game on the App Store

· When asked which games players would like to see perfectly ported to iOS, Donkey Kong and Pac Man were the greatest retro wishes, but other responses included a long list of titles, including Street Fighter, Elite and Lemmings

¬∑ The most popular responses to ‚If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have one game with you?’ were Angry Birds, Words With Friends and Squigs

· Puzzle games are the favourite genre, followed by Strategy and Adventure titles

· Around a third of respondents said that they had more than 15 games with them on their iPhone at all times

“We strongly believe that classic gameplay stands the test of time and that the titles that appealed to us when we were growing up will be loved by a new generation of smartphone and tablet users ‚ as well as the older generation playing the same games, just on much better technology.‚ said Jon Hibbins, creator and developer of Squigs.

Jon continued: ‚It’s really interesting for us to hear about the excitement that people still have for these games – not only in playing them when they have time, but in snatching moments to solve the puzzles they love at all times of the day, and in feeding their gaming addictions in the oddest of places.‚

The Squigs ‚How Do You Play Games On Your iPhone?’ survey is still open for responses at

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