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Treasure hunt for Android


on, a crowdsourcing platform for treasure hunting has released its Android and browser versions at LeWeb 2011 in Paris.

The gaming platform guides users through the real world, where they have to complete tasks, visit places or answer questions in order to win money, rewards, coupons or discounts. Previously available on the iPhone only, has passed its beta testing phase with interest from TechCrunch, Le Web and other influencers of the mobile ecosystem. is based on crowd-sourcing idea, where users can create their own quests. Current versions provide more than 100 freely available quests and users play on-the-go.

Main features: – Single or multiplayer modes – More than 100 quests available – Worldwide coverage – Brand promo options The iPhone version showed that a user spends around 15 minutes playing quests. This is more than any user interacts on average with a brand. It highlights ability to engage mobile users with branded products in a fun and easy way. app is available for free from the following links: iPhone: Android: Browser:


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