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After 20 years of developing diving watches, TAG has released their latest and by far one of their best – the Aquagraph 2000. SEAN BACHER takes it for a test dive.
Well, you’ll first have to adjust the time, make sure it fits your wrist snugly and charge it up for a couple of seconds before you can start giving the time of day to people, but once that’s done you’ll never have to worry about it again. From what we experienced, it never missed a beat.
If you can tell the time you will have no problems at all – we promise. Using the stopwatch is also dead easy; its just a matter of working out which button performs which function. That should take you no longer than 30 seconds.
We couldn’t find anything wrong with the watch. It counted down the seconds like there was no tomorrow and the timer came in pretty handy every now and then. Everything the brochure said it could do, it did. However, one aspect we didn’t test was if it in fact is waterproof up to 500 meters. But seeing as the Swiss are somewhat perfectionist and TAG have been in the diving watch industry for the past twenty years, we do believe them.
A watch is a watch is a watch. Unfortunately, the only innovative feature we were impressed with was its auto-lock bezel. All the rest is pretty standard.
If you are an enthusiastic swimmer or diver then this is the watch for you. You’ll never have to worry about it getting water damaged and you will never have to buy another battery. But if you are just looking for a watch to wear every day to serve the sole purpose of telling the time, we don’t suggest you get this one. After all, R26 000 for a watch is quite a hefty price TAG.
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