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LCD grows up

Face it, CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors take up too much space, are clunky things to move around and use far too much energy. It’s time to upgrade and to get something smaller, lighter and more eco-friendly. SEAN BACHER tests the new Philips 150B4 LCD screen against these needs.

Just plug it in, connect it to your PC and you are ready to roll. Should you need to adjust the picture orientation, language or colour settings, all you need do is hit the auto button. This automatically aligns the picture and adjusts the contrast to the factory settings, which quite often is more than adequate. However, you can then go through each menu item and fine tune your picture settings automatically.

As easy as taking candy from a baby. You won’t even need to take the manual out of its wrapping, as the menu and buttons are self-explanatory. Changing the contrast and brightness is as easy as a push of a button and changing more complicated settings such as the picture orientation is dead easy with the menu.

Well, if you are looking for a monitor that takes up less space, is value for money and delivers high-definition pictures, this does the trick. The colours it produces are sharp and crisp and the text is legible and can be read from almost any angle.

Unfortunately Philips doesn’t score any marks here. It’s a simple run of the mill 15‚ LCD.

The 150B4 scores full marks in this department: for a mere R2 900 you can have one of these curvaceous beauties sitting atop less of your desk than most equivalent models that came before. We definitely think its value for money.

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