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Voice SMS comes to Uganda

MTN, the South African-based mobile carrier with a strong presence in the rest of Africa, has launched Voice SMS service across Uganda, based on pioneering Voice SMS technology. The system was developed by Kirusa, a developer of mobile value added services. Voice SMS allows subscribers to send messages by voice, eliminating the need to type.

A Voice SMS system from mobile value added services developer Kirusa has been launched in Uganda, across the MTN network in that country.

Voice SMS enables subscribers to send messages by voice, eliminating the need to type. It enables the subscribers to communicate faster, easier and with added personal touch by conveying emotions. The Voice SMS service has achieved acceptance across the globe for its benefits in overcoming the limitations of text messages.

Labelled MTN Voice SMS in Uganda, the offering is bolstered by additional innovative features like Scheduling and Dynamic Group Voice SMS.

MTN subscribers need to dial * followed by the number of the person to whom they wish to send the message, and speak a short message for up to 30 seconds in any language.

A recipient on MTN network gets a notification message from the sender and can click on a DirectListen number for direct access and reply to the Voice SMS. The recipient can also dial *0* to hear new voice messages, or retrieve previously listened voice messages by dialing *1*. Voice SMS messages can be replied to, forwarded, saved, or deleted.

MTN subscribers pay a price as low as of UGX.90 (approximately 0.04 USD) for sending a Voice SMS.

MTN plans to offer several enhanced Voice SMS services for its enterprise customers.

Says Isaac Nsereko, Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Uganda, ‚We are excited by the successful launch of Voice SMS for our customers, who are finding that Voice SMS adds value to their traditional ways of messaging.‚

Dr Inderpal Singh Mumick, CEO and Founder of Kirusa, adds: ‚The emerging multilingual markets have accepted Voice SMS wholeheartedly and we hope to replicate this success in Uganda.‚

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