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Two Souls gets movie-like premiere

Sony celebrated the release BEYOND: Two Souls, with a movie-style premiere in Paris last week. The star-studded cast, including Academy Award nominee Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, walked the red carpet at a premiere event on 2 October at Le Grand Rex Cinema .

Page builds on her already impressive body of work, and celebrates her first ever foray into gaming as the lead role of Jodie Holmes – a young woman who possesses supernatural powers through her link to an invisible entity, Aiden.

Speaking of her experiences, Page notes: ‚”The entire creative process has been a really interesting experience and I have constantly been surprised at the sheer scale of work that it takes to develop a game like this. Showing BEYOND: Two Souls at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year and then at the Tokyo Film Festival later this month, confirmed how far the world of gaming has come. I honestly believe fans are going to have a truly unique and emotional experience.‚”

The attending cast and creative team including Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe, David Cage, Kadeem Hardison and Lorne Balfe also took part in an exclusive panel session where they answered questions on the development of BEYOND: Two Souls and discussed the ongoing blurred lines between gaming and film. This session as available to view on demand on PlayStation channels.


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