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Trouble as Aki and Toby deliver Tech on Tap

A tech show with a smack of humor and two of the country’s best-known tech journos agreeing to disagree on just about everything. That’s the formula for an offbeat new series, Tech on Tap, launching on Summit TV and hosted by broadcaster Aki Anastasiou and Stuff editor Toby Shapshak.

In partnership with Microsoft Windows 8, Tech on Tap is a 15-minute infotainment series focusing on the world of gadgets and gizmos. It’ll bring you up to-date technology news, the latest IT trends, as well as reviews of the best software, hardware, web and even mobile applications. All that, in language you can understand!

‚”Traditionally, tech-speak has sent ordinary people running for cover. This collaboration with Summit is a great opportunity to demystify technology to the person in the street and businesspeople, and show how new technologies like Windows 8 can make their lives simpler and more connected,‚” said Colin Erasmus, who heads the Windows business at Microsoft SA.

Summit scooped renowned journalists Toby Shapshak and Aki Anastasiou to co-host the show. Better known as the Greek Geek, Aki’s humour and boundless enthusiasm make him a sought-after speaker at tech-conferences and expos.

Toby, who also has a string of awards under his belt, was recently dubbed the most high-profile technology journalist in the country and the major talking head for everything and anything tech. The two regularly attend many international conferences to stay ahead and identify future trends.

Watch how Aki and Toby go head-to-head as they review among others, the new Samsung Note II, the Kindle Paperweight and the new Windows phone. They’ll also unpack LTE and what it means for South Africa and line up the best-known tablet brands for a shootout.

‚”We are excited to be launching this show as it is a first of a kind for us and will open up the world of technology and gadgetry to our viewers in a fresh, innovative and definitely entertaining new way.‚” says Summit Head of Programming Semeyi Zake.

Tech on Tap will air weekly on DStv Channel 412 on Monday’s at 18:40, Tuesday 21:45 and again on Wednesday 21:50 and Thursday 20:50.

Check what happens when a cellphone rings while Aki Anastasiou is doing an interview on Summit TV!

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