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TripAdvisor goes with TomTom

TripAdvisor has selected TomTom’s Global Geocoder Services to integrate location-based features into its websites and apps.

TomTom has announced that TripAdvisor has licensed TomTom’s new Global Geocoder Services to integrate location-based intelligence into its websites and applications. This will provide TripAdvisor’s 200 million unique monthly visitors with pinpoint location data for every hotel or restaurant when posting or reading reviews.

Via TomTom’s Global Geocoding Service, the location of all hotels, accommodation, restaurants and bars that feature on the TripAdvisor website will be accurate. Rather than using a postcode to show location, all addresses are now automatically converted into exact map coordinates, making locations precise and easier to find.

Nathan Clapton, Vice President mobile partnerships, TripAdvisor said: ‚”With over 100 million reviews and opinions posted onto the TripAdvisor website, we believe it is important that all users are able to access the most accurate location-data for the reviews they are posting or reading. By working with TomTom’s Global Geocoding Services, we are confident that this is the case and the location-based data offered via the TripAdvisor site can therefore be fully relied upon by our users.‚”

The TomTom Geocoding Service supports house number, address point, street or postal level identification in over 50 countries, providing TripAdvisor with almost worldwide coverage of highly accurate location data that its users can rely on.

Charles Cautley, Managing Director of TomTom Automotive & Licensing said: ‚”We are thrilled that TripAdvisor has selected TomTom’s Global Geocoding Services for its global website. Geocoding literally puts addresses on the map and is the backbone of the growing Location Based Services market, in addition to being the main source of location intelligence.‚”

TomTom is one of the world’s leading companies with an advanced cloud-based Location Based Services Platform environment that allows developers easy access to TomTom’s map content and software services. With this new Location Based Services Platform developers are equipped with the content and tools to create location-enabled applications for various markets, including consumer, enterprises and governmental. As a pioneer in the growing Location Based Services market, TomTom offers a Global Geocoder web service that offers batch geocoding in 52 countries.


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