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Trend analysts to dissect SA

The Flux Trend Review comes to Johannesburg on June 7 with “cherry-picked”” thought leaders to provide a 360-degree look at the hotspots of change and emerging trends.

Since 2009, Dion Chang’s trend-analysis think-tank Flux Trends has established itself as an influential barometer of the global developments shaping the way consumers and businesses think and act. During the day-long 2012 Flux Trend Review‚Ķinnovating with Samsung Electronics conference on Thursday, 7 June 2012, thought leaders and trend-spotters from a cross-section of sectors will provide delegates with a range of extraordinary, illuminating insights. They will explore emerging business, political and social trends and how these can best be responded to in the way we work, live, communicate and interact with each other. Says Chang: ‚The year 2012 is proving to be a significant threshold of change ‚ changes Flux has been tracking for the last two to three years. Tried-and-tested templates of doing business are proving obsolete ‚ or just inappropriate for a rapidly changing world ‚ and this is happening across all industries. ‚The Flux Trend Review cherry-picks the best thought leaders in various fields, who will provide a 360-degree look at the hotspots of change (as identified by Flux), as well as help join the dots so that companies can short-cut the process of sifting through vast amounts of information and focus on relevant business strategies.‚ While the Flux Trend Review will be examining global developments, it will also look closer to home to analyse these trends within a South African context, taking into account the unique challenges and intricacies of the country’s divided economy. Gadget editor-in-chief Arthur Goldstuck, also managing director of tech researchers World Wide Worx, will provide an insight into technology trends reshaping business, and unravel the mobile and Internet future. The conference takes place at a time when local businesses are gearing up to tackle their strategic planning for 2013 and beyond, and promises to deliver useful information that is not restricted to a particular market segment but demonstrates the interconnectedness and symbiotic nature of all sectors. Samsung Electronics South Africa has come on board to sponsor the Flux Trend Review as well as Flux Trends’ monthly ‚open trend‚ sessions, which examine new trends and the cutting edge technologies that drive them. Says Michelle Potgieter, Head: Corporate Marketing and Communications at Samsung: ‚As a brand that is constantly striving to understand our customers and the space in which they ‚live, work and play’ there is no doubt that this sponsorship brings with it some very strong synergies. The opportunity to understand the consumer landscape and its market influencers intrinsically is key to our ability to deliver on our promise of ‚smarter lifestyles’ through our technology. We believe our collaboration with Flux Trends will help support this ongoing brand mandate.‚ One of the certainties in life is change ‚ and those who neglect to keep pace with the rapidly evolving local and international landscape run the risk of being irrevocably left behind. Aren’t you curious to discover what state we’re in beyond 2012? Visit for more information.

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