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Track eSports tourneys

Razer has announced that Razer Comms: Stream Viewer now provides an eSports tournament tracker to help players keep up to date with tournament and match timings.

The new option, powered by Abios (, will help gamers keep up-to-date with tournament and match timings.

The Razer Comms: Stream Viewer eSports tournament tracker will provide the following:

·         A streamlined hub to view results for major tournaments

·         An events calendar detailing match timings for each day

·         A push notification feature for when matches go live

The following game titles will be supported at launch:

·         Dota2

·         League of Legends

·         StarCraft 2

·         Heroes of Newerth

·         Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

·         Hearthstone

·         World of Warcraft

·         SMITE

·         Heroes of the Storm

·         Super Smash Bros.

“We’re excited to work with Abios, the go-to site for following eSports matches,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. “Razer has supported professional gaming since the beginning, and with Razer Comms: Stream Viewer, we make following the sport more accessible than ever before.”


Founded in 2013 by a group of students and gamers, Abios is a platform that tracks eSports Tournaments. In the past, tournaments were traditionally monitored through community tracking.


“As one of the largest and most renowned brands in gaming and eSports, Razer has the luxury of choosing who they work with,” says Anton Janér, founder and CTO at Abios. “This is the validation that our dedication and investment in our editorial team for minute-by-minute, first-class eSports coverage is being recognized by the biggest brands in the industry.”


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