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Too Human? Go mythological!

Microsoft this week announced the release date of “Too Human””, the epic third person action game from renowned Canadian developer Silicon Knights. Exclusive to Xbox 360, it will be available across Europe, Middle East and Africa from 29 August 2008.

In Too Human, a modern take on classical Norse mythology, players are thrust into the midst of an apocalyptic battle that threatens the very existence of mankind. Playing as the divine cybernetic son of Odin, Baldur, you are one of the Aesir, humanity’s protectors charged with defending mankind from the onslaught of ancient machine armies.

An epic scene from an epic game

As ‚Too Human‚ chronicles this epic story, the game breaks the genre barrier by combining elements of both the action and RPG genres. Players are treated to a non-stop barrage of action, powered by the seamless integration of melee and firearms combat, with the deep role-playing game elements fuelled by breathtaking visuals. Battles unfold on awesome scale as players engage with vast numbers of enemies.

‚Too Human‚ is produced by Canadian-based Silicon Knights, bringing a wealth of knowledge, story-based design and gameplay expertise to the next generation of video gaming, and committed to elevating games to the prime form of entertainment.

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