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Tigo reaches for Africa change



Millicom, operating under the Tigo brand and Reach for Change are joining forces to improve the lives of children in Africa through social entrepreneurship. The program will identify and support social entrepreneurs with solutions for children around Africa.

In the program, Tigo and Reach for Change invite people in all of the African countries where Tigo operates to present innovative ideas for improving the lives of children. The most entrepreneurial candidates with the strongest and most promising ideas will be invited to join a three year incubator program where they will work on transforming their ideas into sustainable ventures. The entrepreneurs chosen to join the incubator will receive salary funding as well as mentoring and professional advice from senior employees of Tigo.

‚”We are thrilled to have this opportunity to improve the lives of children in Africa on a large scale together with Tigo. We believe that the best way to create social change is to give the right tools to people who are passionate about their task and who have the entrepreneurial driving force to make a change‚”, says Sara Damber, CEO, Reach for Change.

Mikael Grahne, CEO of Millicom commented ‚”there is hardly a better way to take part in building the long term success of the countries in which we operate than investing in children and local entrepreneurship. The program with Reach for Change helps us to understand burning social issues affecting the lives of children and gives us a unique opportunity to work hands-on, together with local talent, to address them.‚”

The program has been piloted in Ghana, where, in 2011, Tigo and Reach for Change chose five social entrepreneurs for the incubator whose respective ventures are now improving the lives of over 140,000 children.