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This AI understands meetings

AI has moved past understanding words to understanding what we’re saying, writes SERGE KORGUT, product marketer at Sembly

Gone are the days of frantically taking notes from a meeting. Some AI transcription tools make use of AI to make sure the spoken words are transcribed correctly, but Sembly goes a step further. It sits in on meetings and highlights distinct sections of key issues that are discussed, decisions made, and activities to be undertaken. 

The primary purpose of minutes is to create a shared understanding of the meeting outcomes. It can then be used to provide a record of the discussion for future reference, to keep track of decisions made or to inform team members who didn’t attend the meeting.

Effective meeting minutes are clear and to the point, but at the same time, they do not leave out important information.

There are various types of meeting minutes templates which are depending on the type of meeting to be held. But all of them are based on extracting and summarising key meeting outcomes, such as topics discussed, decisions made, and actions planned.

How AI helps with online meetings

Sembly can process human speech into a written format and understand its meaning. 

First, the AI converts a user’s speech to text through speech recognition technology. It is mostly used for converting speech to text and carrying voice commands. It is very likely that you’ve interacted with it in the form of digital assistants (like Siri or Alexa), voice-operated GPS systems or dictation software.

Second, it uses natural language processing to identify speakers and do a deep semantic analysis of conversations. For example, extracting discussed topics, action items, requirements, and risks. In other words, natural language processing derives meaning from transcribed text using computational linguistics, machine learning, and deep learning models. 

How automated minutes works

How does AI automate meeting minutes? First, in the form of a digital meeting assistant, it joins your meeting and captures it. attending a meeting

Second, it transcribes your conversation into text and separates it by speakers.

Sembly: meeting transcription with speaker ids and timestamps

Third, it extracts meaning from your meeting. Identifies topics, action items, requirements, issues, and risks, and summarises them into editable meeting minutes.

Sembly can sit in on meetings held on Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, and Webex. To try out Sembly, visit

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