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There is a new pied piper in town

A device that is being heralded as the ‚new pied piper in town’ has recently been introduced to South Africa by entrepreneur, Sebastian Seelig. The Plug-in Pest Free device sends signals through a building’s wiring infrastructure and does not interfere with appliances, nor does it affect pets or humans.

Until now, property owners, restaurants and commercial supermarkets have had to rely on bait traps or pellets that contain poison and cause internal bleeding in animals. They had to do this in order to comply with property by-laws that require buildings to be vermin-free. These toxic methods pose serious risks to children, who might mistake them for edible goodies, or cats and dogs that may think its food. Exposure to pesticides can adversely affect the human nervous system, resulting in asthma, insomnia and amnesia. There’s also evidence that children can develop leukaemia by exposure to household pesticides.

Plug-In Pest Free has been heralded as the new ‚pied piper in town’. It eradicates all rats, mice and cockroaches from buildings and is the most cost-effective way of controlling the problem. The device, which is a small box that plugs into the wall modulates a 50HZ signal that pulsates through the wiring of the building, it literally drives out rats, mice and roaches, never to return again. The Plug-in device has a lifespan of up to 10 years and carries a two year warranty ‚ it’s highly efficient as it saves ongoing pest control costs.

There are – and have been – similar imitations available in South Africa but the Plug-in Pest-Free brand is accredited as the original electronic pest repellent. It has a worldwide track record that supports this. Plug-in Pest Free has been SABS tested as well as HACCP certified for safe use in the food industry.

The signal does not affect appliances, pets or people. It employs no chemicals and requires no maintenance. It is safe because it eliminates exposure to pesticides, toxic sprays and pellets and there is no cleaning up of dead pests afterwards. It does not create any odours or fumes either and is completely maintenance free.

Unfortunately, today the impulse actions of most home owners and organisations is to resort to using toxic chemicals in an attempt to control the problem. This method is often more harmful in the long run and more often than not fails to solve the problem. Plug-in Pest Free alters what is normally a friendly environment for pests into a hostile environment. In so doing property owners are able to maintain a ‚pest ‚free’ environment without jeopardising their own well-being through using poisonous chemicals.

It is our responsibility today to help rid our environment of poisons ‚ for the future wellbeing of this generation as well as future generations.

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