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MultiChoice offers customers DVB over IP

MultiChoice’s has opened up a whole new world of digital broadcasting, to accommodate the evolving needs of its customers. Digital Video Broadcast over Internet Protocol (DVB over IP) was recently launched to commercial establishments.

The service will be provided to hotels, shopping malls and office complexes. Later in the year the service will be extended to gated residential communities and residential apartments.

DVB over IP enables customers to receive their favourite DStv channels delivered over a closed multicast Internet Protocol (IP) network. The channels are then distributed to individual DStv IP decoders.

Gerdus Van Eeden MultiChoice Chief Technology Officer says: ‚Commercial customers now have access to a range of services that were previously restricted by bandwidth. The exciting features and benefits of this service enable these establishments to enhance their services and add unique value to their customers’ experience. We are proud to launch DStv into the world of IPTV .‚

One of the benefits is that several digital services such as telephony, internet, DStv and even security can be made available over the same physical network, resulting in significant cost savings to the commercial customer.

MultiChoice identified a need in the market to address the current limitations and conducted trials before launching the system. Soccer City is one of the first recipients to implement the system in their suites and control room.

The solution supports both Standard Definition and High Definition television services: as well as surround sound, multiple language options, 8 day electronic TV guide, central PIN management on both Parental Control and installation Menus and a TV link. It also offers an interactive portal and commercial establishments such as hotels, stadiums and office complexes can tailor-make the portal to suit their requirements.

For more information, visit the DStv website

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