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Theft-proof tracking for tablets

Samsung and Absolute Solutions have developed a security solution that allows scholars and parents to track their stolen tablets – even if the device has been wiped and the software reinstalled.

Samsung Electronics South Africa and Absolute Software have collaborated to offer schools, pupils and parents a security solution that helps track stolen tablets, even when their software has been wiped clean and reinstalled.

Educational organisations are embracing mobile devices to offer a more flexible approach to classroom learning. Tablets are enhancing the learning experience by motivating students, providing a wealth of instant information and eliminating costly textbooks that date quickly. Along with the benefits of mobile devices come the associated risks: device theft is on the rise and some students and schools have become targets of crime.

In order to mitigate this risk, Absolute Computrace embedded technology is now available on a select range of Samsung devices. Once it is loaded and the subscription is activated, the Absolute Computrace agent is self-healing and persistent.

This means that, if the tablet has been stolen and all the data has been wiped and the Android Operating System re-installed, Absolute Computrace will re-activate automatically, ensuring the device can be tracked and managed as long as the device is connected to the internet.

Unlike other track and trace solutions that require an application always to be installed on the device, Absolute Computrace is embedded within the firmware on a select range of Samsung tablets – including the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1″ device. This allows Absolute Computrace to survive a factory reset, ensuring the device is always tracked and managed for customers who subscribe to the service.

The education of our country’s young learners is of paramount importance and we are pleased to be doing our part to ensure that risks are minimised,” says Paulo Ferreira, Director of Enterprise Mobility at Samsung Electronics SA. “The solution being offered by Samsung and Absolute Software provides both security and peace of mind for our customers. They can rest assured that any device with Absolute Computrace offers high-quality track and trace measures.

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