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The Grinch who stole your data

How is your data being stolen? Who are the main culprits? We pin it down with a seasonal infographic that is anything but festive.

The Grinch was a villainous memory for most of us before this year. Now when turning to their online troubles, many adults will realize that the Grinch has simply shifted from a land of childhood nightmares to a world of data security threats. It seems that a whole army of Grinches is out to make this nightmare true for all. Regardless of whom you are and what you use the internet for, an astounding number of users are being targeted through keylogger, spyware, and malware attacks. As a result, the data industry is beginning to feel the strain now more than ever.

If we talk about the threats being faced by the data industry, the pictorial and numerical representation that comes up is a very sober one indeed. We see that a lot of Grinch-like characters have been up to no good. One after the other they continued to target individuals, companies, businesses and entire industries. But, of course, there must be a reason that all these Grinches are able to get away with it all and leave us all frowning long before Christmas. Here is the breakdown of how the Grinch stole your data:


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