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The fix for buying old iPhones

Buying a second-hand iPhone can be very risky in South Africa as there are very good chances that it is stolen. iFix plans to change this with the launch of the i2 online store, where users are able to safely purchase second hand devices that come with a year’s warranty.

Many South Africans would be only too happy to own a quality, used iPhone.  But, typically, getting their hands on one can be risky and inconvenient, and still expensive. iFix, a company specialising in  smart device repairs, is changing that with their launch of i2.

It’s an easy way to own a properly reconditioned old iPhone. It comes with a one-year warranty because it has “done its time” in the iFix device clinic under the care of iFix’s experienced device repair team.

Buyers can shop online at knowing that the refurbished iPhones on offer at reduced prices have passed professional scrutiny, and are deemed trusty enough to get the second chance to keep going.

iFix was started by Alex Fourie, a 29-year old serial entrepreneur,  who last year was nominated by Forbes magazine as one of the Top 30 Young entrepreneurs in Africa, and also featured  on the Mail & Guardian’s Top 40 under-40 young South Africans list.  In 2010, the first walk-in stores were opened in Cape Town, the iFix team expanded and breathed life into more than 10 000 Apple devices.   Today, iFix has nearly 200 employees, and has done a half million repairs on Samsung, Huawei and Apple devices.  There are 27 iFix stores nationwide, so you have the advantage of dealing with a trusted, accessible retailer.

“The i2 solution flies in the face of our throw-away, always upgrading culture to give consumers cost-effective, more environmentally-friendly ways of owning the iPhone that they aspire to,” says Fourie. “At iFix we have certainly noticed the demand from clients who are looking to purchase quality, pre-loved devices from a reputable retailer. We’re so pleased to make that possible through i2. It’s a first for South Africa, and being the largest phone service centre in South Africa, it makes good sense on multiple levels to offer the i2 solution to meet the aspirations of our clients.”

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