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The earphones that make more money than Vodacom

A single division of the technology giant is larger than almost any company in our country.



It may seem unusual, but it is just the harsh reality, Apple’s wireless headphones already produce more than $ 12 billion per year. These small devices represent 10% of the company’s total incomes and more than almost any South-African company revenue.

  1. Sasol $14.8 B
  2. Apple Airpods $12 
  3. Standard Bank Group $9 B
  4. Old Mutual $8.2 B
  5. Nedbank $7.7 B
  6. Vodacom $5.99 B

“To exemplify locally, the revenues generated by the AirPods are far greater than those of Standard Bank Group, Old Mutual or Nedbank,” said Cristian Rennella, CEO and co-founder of

The Apple gadget turned out to be the fastest-growing segment of the most valuable company in the world. According to Forbes, the market value of Apple is $961.3 B followed by Microsoft ($946.5 B) and Amazon ($916.1 B)

Here you have the complete list of the 12 biggest companies in South Africa:

The impact of AirPods on Apple’s businesses

So, to better understand the importance of these headphones, let’s take a look at Apple’s best-selling product: the iPhone.

From the year 2017 to today, nearly 215 million devices have been sold per year. With an approximate value of US $ 1,000 for each device, the average annual inflow reaches about USD $ 215 billion, that is, more than 80% of Apple’s total turnover.

When Apple launched wireless headphones called AirPods in 2016, nobody could expect the success they had in the market. The initial idea was to generate more revenue by offering them as a secondary product without changing the price of their phones. It was a really smart move that generated the launch of a complement that would increase the company’s performance, but the success of the AirPods greatly exceeded expectations, positioning itself as much more than just an iPhone accessory.

Will we still use AirPods in the future?

Before anticipating the future behaviour of AirPod in the market, we must consider different aspects.

If you consider that since its launch approximately 100 million AirPods were sold and that Apple has an installed base of 900 million iPhones, a large percentage of iPhone users currently use third-party headphones or directly not wireless headphones.

Analyzing the variation in consumption in previous years, it is easy to realize that it will continue to grow at very high levels. There are rumours that Apple will launch an operating system for these products in 2020, so applications such as TTYL and Yac are already preparing to adapt to this change and be leaders in the audio market.

What will be the future of Apple?

There are currently no major differences between Apple or other brands’ smartphones, so one of the ways in which Apple can increase its revenue is by building an ecosystem of apps and gadgets. This differentiation would also generate an increase in sales on iPhones, and create new products like the Apple Card. So, the future success of Apple depends on its ability to create a complete ecosystem.

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Vodacom cuts cost of smallest bundle by 40%

The country’s largest mobile operator has kept to a promise made last month to slash the price of entry-level data packages



Vodacom has cut the data price of its lowest-cost bundle by 40%, reducing the price of a 50MB 30-day bundle from R20 to to R12. This follows from the operator’s promise in March, when it announced a 33% cut in the cost of 1GB bundles, to reduce prices of all smaller bundles by up to 40%.

Vodacom’s various 30-day data bundle prices will be cut across all of its channels, with the new pricing as follows:

30-day bundle size New Price Reduction
50MB R12 40%
150MB R29 33%
325MB R55 33%
500MB R79 21%
1GB R99 34%
3GB R229 23%
5GB R349 14%
10GB R469 22%
20GB R699 31%

Vodacom confirmed it will provide free data to access essential services through Vodacom’s zero-rated platform ConnectU with immediate effect. The value of these initiatives, it says, is R2.7-billion over the next year.

“Vodacom can play a critical role in supporting society during this challenging time and we’re committed to doing whatever we can to help customers stay connected,” says Jorge Mendes, Chief Officer of Vodacom’s Consumer Business Unit. “Since we started our pricing transformation strategy three years ago, our customers have benefitted from significant reductions in data prices and the cost of voice calls. Over the same period, we invested over R26 billion in infrastructure and new technologies, so our customers enjoy wider 2G, 3G and 4G coverage and vastly increased data speeds.”

The latest data reductions will complement the discounted bundle offers that will also be made available to prepaid customers in more than 2,000 less affluent suburbs and villages around the country. For qualifying communities to access further discounted voice and data deals, they need to click on the scrolling ConnectU banner on the platform via

ConnectU – which is a zero-rated platform – also went live this week. It will provide content aimed at social development and offers a variety of essential services for free. Learners and students enrolled in schools and universities can access relevant information for free, with no data costs. The ConnectU portal includes a search engine linked to open sources such as Wikipedia and Wiktionary as well as free access to job portals; free educational content on the e-School platform; free health and wellness information and free access to Facebook Flex, the low data alternative to Facebook that enables customers to stay socially connected.

Vodacom’s popular Just4You platform has been a significant contributor to the approximately 50% reduction in effective data prices over the past two years. Substantial cuts in out-of-bundle tariffs and the introduction of hourly, daily and weekly bundles with much lower effective prices have also driven increased value and affordability, resulting in R2-billion in savings for customers in 2019.

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OneBlade shaves price of electric precision

Electric razors and their blades are usually quite expensive. But the Philips OneBlade shaves the cost, writes SEAN BACHER



Electric razors come in all shapes and forms and their prices vary as well. When your nearest electronic retail outlet opens again, you will be able to pay a small fortune for a wet and dry razor that cleans itself, shows you when it needs to be recharged, and tells you to replace the cleaning solution – all via a little LCD panel in the handle.

But does everyone want that? Does everyone need that? Surely there must be customers who want an easy-to-use, no-mess, no-fuss razor that gets the job done just as well as a “smart razor”?

With this in mind, Philips has launched its OneBlade wet and dry electric razor. The razor is dead simple to use. It comes with three stubble combs – 1mm, 3mm and 5 mm –  which can be clicked onto the head much like one would with a hair shaver. Should you want a really close shave, simply the combs off. I found this to be the most effective as I don’t have a beard.

The razor’s blade is the size of the striking side of a matchbox and has 90-degree angles all round. This offers precise shaving and, because of its small size, it is able to get just about anywhere on a person’s face.

The blade has a usage indicator that shows when it is time to replace the blade – usually after four months – and an additional blade is included in the box.

The OneBlade’s battery takes up to eight hours to charge, and will give up to 45 minutes shaving time.

Overall, the Philips OneBlade will give a man a comfortable and precise shave. Its battery life, combined with its size, makes it a perfect travel companion as it is no bigger than an electric toothbrush. Its relatively low price compared to other electric razors also counts in its favour.

The One Blade can be bought from most electronic retailers or can be ordered online from websites like The razor retails for R650 and a set of two new blades will cost around R450.

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