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TCL look to 5G



TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited and 4G specialist Sequans Communications S.A have entered an agreement whereby the two companies will collaborate on the development of next generation 5G wireless technologies.

By joining forces, Sequans and TCL Communication aim to accelerate the development of 5G, focusing on meeting end-user expectations and requirements. Both companies will benefit from the technology and Sequans will receive funding as part of the collaboration.

As a leader in consumer devices design, TCL Communication is in a position to ensure that the new technology meets all end-user requirements and enables the emergence of more diversified and smarter devices. By establishing a joint research and development effort with Sequans, TCL Communication strengthens its innovation efforts and enhances its 5G research program.

Sequans is a leader in 4G chipsets and has been bringing innovative products and technologies to market since the advent of 4G, made possible by the scientists on its research and development team. Sequans’ technology is deployed in 4G networks all over the world and the company is at the forefront of development of LTE chipsets for M2M and other connected devices for the Internet of Things. Sequans owns several patents in 4G and has been contributing to key industry innovation through its involvement with standardisation bodies such as the 3GPP for more than a decade.

TCL and Sequans joint research will focus on developing the advanced technologies that have already been identified by the 3GPP in its early 5G framing exercises, such as the optimal use of new or unlicensed frequency bands and direct device-to-device communications. This announcement follows an earlier TCL Communication announcement on its 5G global effort. (Barcelona March 4th 2015)

Georges Guo, TCL Communication President said, “I am very pleased to reinforce our global 5G program with Sequans Communications as a key partner. I believe that our combined team is in a unique position to contribute significantly to industry innovation in the coming years.

Georges Karam, Sequans Communications CEO said, “I am convinced that 5G will play a major role in the future connected society and I have high expectations for a very productive collaboration with TCL Communication in bringing these new technologies to reality.

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