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StorTech gets solutions centre

StorTech today announced the opening of its EMC Velocity2 Signature Solution Centre, designed to demonstrate the value its solutions can offer customers.

The Centre demonstrates exactly how the technology works in a live environment, providing a total experience of the solution and the benefits it would provide with no risk for the customer.

Based on the success of EMC’s own Global Solution Centres, StorTech Solution Centre replicates a framework of technology that demonstrates EMC Proven solutions in an approved environment. Backed by stringent testing, seamless partner integration and document implementation methodologies, EMC Proven solutions reduce customer risk and ensure faster deployment.

The first solution to be showcased in the Solution Centre is the EMC Proven solution for virtualised Microsoft Exchange Environments. Designed to reduce management complexity and costs at every stage of the e-mail lifecycle while managing rapid e-mail volume growth. Allowing customers to meet service levels, protect data, and simplify deployment, consolidation, and backup/restore.

‚We are giving our customers real choice and the best of both worlds ‚ the chance to see exactly how the Proven solution would work for them based on EMC technology, without them having to commit any money at all,‚ Tim Knowles, CEO of StorTech said.

The Solution Centre is designed to host a number of activities, including:

Customer briefings, seminars and workshops

Showcase live demonstrations of hardware and software


Execute complex proof-of-concept

Migration planning

Benchmark and performance testing

Comprehensive solution development

The centre will also provide comprehensive solutions development, live and remote demonstrations and development of near-customer environments via EMC’s Customer Integration Lab.

Christian Putz, EMEA Tier 1 Partner Sales Director, said: ‚The ability to support Velocity2 Signature Solution Centres is at the core of our partner enablement program. This Centre provides the tools for StorTech to work more efficiently with their customers, ultimately driving increased value through doing business with EMC.‚

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