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CES 2016: Ericsson tool combines user and IoT data

Ericsson has launched a User and IoT Data Analytics solution at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event to help operators improve internal efficiency in managing data from subscribers and Internet of Things devices.

The User & IoT Data Analytics solution consolidates user and IoT device data in a common database. It provides safe network access to any type of device, whether cellular or non-cellular-based, and enables operators to perform real-time data analytics based on a new embedded functionality in the subscriber data management system. The solution is based on the proven Ericsson User Data Consolidation (UDC) offering, including the Centralized User Database (CUDB) and the User Profile Gateway (UPG) components.

As a result, operators can extract unique insights from user and connected device behaviors, as well as from network resource usage. The solution also allows controlled access to, and exposure of, data for consumers and industry applications.

The solution will be commercially available from the end of Q2 2016.

In the Networked Society, the amount of data will increase exponentially, with thousands of IoT devices being connected to networks. The IoT promises to change the way we live and work by using connectivity to bring new levels of intelligence that link us with the world around us in ways never before possible. For service providers, this explosion in data represents an opportunity for increased revenues.

Patrick Weibel, Senior Architect Wireless Strategy, Swisscom, says: “We believe in Ericsson’s solution for the evolution of user and IoT data analytics, and we are already working together with Ericsson on concrete use cases focusing on improving our internal operational and network efficiency and on paving the way to benefit from big data analytics.”

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