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Square SQ6 Taylor Swift Edition instax camera

FujiFilm South Africa has announced the availability of the instax Square SQ6 Taylor Swift Edition instant camera, alongside newly branded Taylor Swift Square film.

The Taylor Swift Edition comes as a new entry into the instax SQ6 range, with current models previously available in Blush Gold, Graphite Grey and Pearl White.

As can be expected, the instax Square Taylor Swift Edition shares the same DNA as the rest of the SQ6 range. This includes ease of use, with the Automatic Exposure Control calculating the surrounding brightness to adjust shutter speed for clear images. Normal, Landscape and Macro modes are included for impressive scenic shots on the far end, as well as close-up images at only 30 cm away.
Fans of Taylor Swift can push their creativity with the Double Exposure mode, where two images are combined on the same print. There are also three filters (green, purple and orange) to pop on the flash to help with adding interesting colour effects to photos.
Availability and price
South African fans of Taylor Swift can look for the new FUJIFILM instax SQ6 model at Musica stores or Takealot, retailing for a recommended R2499. The new instax SQUARE Film Taylor Swift Edition can be purchased in packs of 10 and is available for a recommended price of R210.



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Product of the Day

Nokia launches off-the-shelf IoT packages

In advance of Mobile World Congress, Nokia has launched a range of off-the-shelf Internet of Things (IoT) packages to help operators win new business in IoT markets. In addition to enabling operators to achieve a faster time to market, the packages simplify the set-up and operations of enterprise IoT services.

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The platform is built on the Nokia Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING) infrastructure, which provides global IoT connectivity and services support. WING’s applications include IoT sensors, user applications, and business models suited to specific sectors. Its managed service approach also offers a “pay-as-you-grow” business model, giving operators the flexibility to quickly scale up IoT services as required.

Market-ready solutions are available on the platform to help reduce the challenges facing IoT operators. These include the need for specialised expertise, the complexities of combining fragmented IoT connectivity infrastructure, and the risk and effort of setting up and working with multiple service providers globally. 

The four new solutions announced this week by Nokia include:

  • Smart Agriculture as-a-Service: Sensors capture environmental, soil, and crop data, which is analysed to provide insights that help farmers manage crops more effectively, potentially saving costs on irrigation, pesticides, and fertilisers.
  • Livestock Management-as-a-Service: Tracking devices and biosensors monitor animal health to provide ranchers with early alerts when abnormalities are detected, protecting valuable livestock and improving yields.
  • Logistics as-a-Service: IoT sensors enable tracking of the global movement and condition of goods through the supply chain to help enterprises quickly identify incidents and even predict future events to optimize delivery and logistics process efficiency.
  • Asset Management-as-a-Service: Connecting products anywhere in the world enables their status and performance to be monitored centrally, helping enterprises provide a better service to their business and consumer customers.

Nokia is trialing Agriculture as-a-Service with an African operator and working with leading services and consulting firm on Asset Management-as-a-Service to help them offer more advanced services.

Ankur Bhan, global head of WING Business at Nokia, said: “The IoT is a growing opportunity for operators to win new enterprise customers and significant additional revenue in a diverse range of vertical markets. With minimal upfront investment, an operator can now quickly get a service to market and generate IoT revenues. We expect these vertical solutions to encourage more operators to connect to Nokia WING, expanding its global footprint and broadening the range of capabilities and services that will become available. We already have several more vertically-focused as-a-Service packages in the development pipeline.”

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Video of the Day

GRID Autosport for Nintendo Switch

GRID Autosport asserts itself as the first major car racing game to launch on Nintendo Switch. It comes packed with a mix of high-speed thrills, realistic handling and a difficulty level that scales to players’ skills.

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Players are set to become pro racers as they master the world’s fastest cars to win motorsport’s most prestigious races, from the world-famous Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps to the narrow city streets of Barcelona. All DLCs for the game are included in this version, with 100 cars, 100 circuits and some additional configurations like tilt controls and custom controls.

The game is expected to launch in the second half of this year.

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