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Spread the wealth with Buxter

Facebook users now have a secure and easy way of exchanging real money through Facebook. This is made possible through an application called Buxter, developed by ClickandBuy. According to the company, users will be able to give friends money for birthdays or donate money to charities.
A new P2P payment application for Facebook was launched enabling users to send or receive money up to a value of €50. Buxter, developed by ClickandBuy, has a wide range of possible uses, from paying a friend your share of the previous evening’s restaurant bill, to giving someone money for their birthday, to making a donation in support of a charity. The application can be found at:

The application will also allow people who develop applications for Facebook to boost their revenues in a quick and easy way.
To send money, users just have to be connected to the intended recipient on Facebook. Select a friend’s name from a drop-down list, enter the amount to send, and it’s sent, free of charge. To load money onto a Buxter account, users will need to set up a ClickandBuy account. They’ll be redirected to the ClickandBuy site to do this. Once this is done deposits to Buxter can be made via credit card, debit card, direct debit or Payzone voucher.

To receive this money, users just accept the Buxter application and enter an email address. Receiving money is also free of charge.
The money will sit in the Buxter account until sent to someone else, used for a purchase inside Facebook, or until the user wishes to withdraw it. Withdrawing money back to a ClickandBuy account – in order to access the money that has been sent to you – is charged at 1.9% (min. €2 or $3). The application will initially be available in Euros and US Dollars.

ClickandBuy has been providing online payment solutions since 1999. It currently works with over 16,000 online traders including iTunes, Orange, Vodafone, msn and the Financial Times Deutschland.

Christian von Hammel-Bonten, Senior VP, Head of Product Management, ClickandBuy says: “From now on, Facebook users can not only share their status and pictures, they can also share real money in a way that is fast, easy and secure.”

Charles Fraenkl, CEO, ClickandBuy says: “Buxter is the application that will see Facebook members use the platform not just as a way to stay in touch but also as a fast, easy and secure way to exchange money or buy and sell products and services.”

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