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Firefox add-on is on fire

Firefox’s iMacros add-on, which allows users to automate repetitive tasks by simply clicking a mouse button has reached more than five million downloads. The number of downloads combined with variety of uses these macros are used for has astounded the creators of the original add-on.

The popularity of iMacros for Firefox, a Firefox add-on that automates online activities within the web browser, is growing by leaps and bounds. Since the product’s launch in November 2006, users have already downloaded the software more than five million times.

Internet users who struggle with the boredom of repetitive online activities are increasingly embracing iMacros as the long-awaited solution to their problems. Anyone who faces tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks online can now fully automate those tasks so that they are completed with the simple click of a button.

As stated in the product’s tagline: “Whatever you do with Firefox, iMacros can automate it.”” Yet the number and variety of uses continues to astound the creators of the original add-on. Their site for iMacros script-sharing on is a treasure trove of useful user-created macros, including those for extracting online stock quotes, comparing prices at online stores, and getting daily downloads of page rankings, among many other tasks.

Mozilla, the software company behind the Firefox web browser, collects and categorises Firefox add-ons, where iMacros is a recommended add-on and one of the ten most downloaded extensions in the “”Bookmark,”” “”Privacy and Security”” and “”Web Developer”” categories on the Mozilla site. No doubt, this has contributed to the rapid adoption of iMacros, as demonstrated by the millionth registered download. Currently more than 30,000 new users download iMacros each week.

iMacros for Firefox is unique because it pioneers social scripting, which allows users to share macros and scripts in a way that is similar to how they share bookmarks on the many social-bookmarking websites. With a single click, users can share their macros in a link via email, websites, or a blog.

The iMacros for Firefox software is free for personal and commercial use. Users may opt to upgrade to the business version with guaranteed response times and advanced features. Additional information and the software download link are available online at

Alternatively, the software may be downloaded directly from the official Mozilla site for extensions at

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