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Sony Walkman goes wireless

Sony’s new Walkman range now includes the ability to stream music from the Walkman to a pair of wireless headphones using Bluetooth technology.
The new Walkman A860 and E460 series share a sleek, new design andnfeature generous battery life for longer listening. All three new models arensupplied with MediaGo software for easy drag-and-drop music transfer, videosnand photos from Windows Explorer or iTunes.

Unique to Sony, Clear Audio Technologies assure superior soundnquality. It’s easy to create themed music channels with SensMe thatnautomatically categorises your music tracks into different channels. Other funnfeatures shared by the new models include Karaoke Mode, synchronised lyricsndisplay and a language learning function.
The A860 introduces streaming via Bluetooth to wirelessnheadphones, compatible speaker docks, car audio head units and other devices.nBluetooth connectivity on Walkman A860 also lets you wirelessly share storednpersonal photos with compatible mobile phones.

Ultimate audiophile sound:nWalkman NWZ-A860 series video MP3 playernnTaking premium sound to new heights, thenbeautiful Walkman A860 is loaded with five Clear Audio Technologies.nNew-generation S-Master MX digital amplifier technology by Sony reduces noisenlevels and distortion still further, ensuring that your favourite tunes soundnbetter than ever.

The generously-sized 2.8” LCD touch-screen gives a superb view ofnyour photos, videos and album artwork. Together with an intuitive newninterface, the big, bright screen makes fingertip browsing through yournpersonal content collection even more satisfying.

Colourful styling, great soundnand fun features: Walkman NWZ-E460 series video MP3 player
Your colourful entry into the world of Walkmannwith video, the new NWZ-E460 series sounds as good as it looks.

New EX headphones plus Clear Audio Technologies by Sony (ClearnBass, Clear Stereo and DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) to enhance thenquality of compressed audio files) ensure high quality Walkman sound. Batterynlife is a generous 50hr (audio)/10hr (video), givingnplenty of stamina for that lengthy flight, daily commute or weekends away.

Water resistant, wire-free, washable, wearable Walkman NWZ-W260nseries MP3 player
25% lighter than its predecessor and featuring an even morencomfortable fit, the all-in-one Walkman NWZ-W260 series is perfect for sportsnand active lifestyles. Wear it in the gym, while you’re jogging, or even duringnthat post-workout shower.

Supplied Content Transfernsoftware simplifies drag-and-drop file from your PC or iTunes library.

A quick 3-minute charge provides enough power for 60 minutes ofnlistening time, while a fully-charged battery gives up to 8 hours of uninterrupted listening– enough for the longest workout.

ZAPPIN song search technology lets you browse quickly through allnyour music, previewing a snatch of each track without fiddly searches throughnmenus or playlists.

The new Walkman range of MP3 and video MP3nplayers will be available in South Africa from October 2011. The RRP for thenNWZ-W262 is R899, R999 for the NWZ-E463 and R1999 for the NWZ-A860.

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