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New 3D projectors from Epson



At this year’s IFA International conference being held in Berlin, Epson announced the availability of six new 3D, high-definition projectors.

Epson has announced the release of six new 3D capable, high definition projectors.

While several opposition companies have already been selling 3D projectors, Epson took the decision to only release their 3D models when there was enough content for consumers to warrant the purchase of a 3D projector.

By not joining the initial rush to enter the 3D market Epson has also ensured that their technology is capable of delivering a truly enjoyable viewing experience.

Each of the five new models announced at IFA 2011 use luminance enhancement technology ‚ that doubles the refresh rate 240hz to 480hz and thereby reducing the blackout period between left and right eye images- to let users see brighter 3D images that are more comfortable to watch and brighter than opposition models.

Epson’s 3D model range consists of the range topping EH-TW9000 and EH-TW9000W with equally high White and Colour Light Output of up to 2,400 lumen and contrast ratios of up to 200,000:1.

The EH-TW5900, EH-TW6000 and EH-TW6000W are among the most affordable 3D 1080p home cinema projectors on the market and feature equally high White and Colour Light Outputs of up to 2,200 lumen and contrast ratios of up to 40,000:1.

Both the EH-TW9000W and EH-TW6000W are Wireless enabled Full HD 3D projectors, but EPSON SA has yet to confirm if these wireless models will be sold in South Africa.

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