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Sony to re-spec the rest

Sony has announced that it will disclose the basic specifications for its E-mount for interchangeable single lens cameras without any fees. This will allow other manufacturers to develop conforming to the E-mount specifications.

Sony Corporation has announced it will disclose the basic specifications of its ‚E-mount‚ for interchangeable single lens cameras, without fee, to manufacturers of lenses and mount adaptors, starting 1 April this year.

This opens the way for manufacturers of various lenses and mount adaptors to effectively develop products conforming to ‚E-mount‚ specifications.

Users of the Sony’s ‚NEX-3‚ , ‚NEX-5‚ , ‚NEX-VG10‚ and other ‚E-mount‚ compatible Sony digital imaging products to be launched in the future will now be able to use interchangeable lenses from both Sony and various other manufactures, while they will also be able to attach non-Sony lenses to their Sony digital imaging products via a mount adapter.

Sony believes the growth of digital imaging products employing the ‚E-mount‚ will further increase the enjoyment of photography and video shooting among an even wider range of users.

These basic specifications will be disclosed to manufactures of lenses and mount adaptors following a predefined process of approval and the signing a license agreement with Sony.

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