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Two techs in one camcorder



Panasonic’s new HDC-SD700EPK camcorder brings two advanced technologies together, making your holiday memories sharper, more vibrant and more poignant with colour reproduction taken to new levels.

The advanced 3MOS System delivers high-sensitivity performance and captures vibrant colour even in dimly lit rooms or outdoors at night. It gives clear, beautifully coloured shots of night-time scenery, evening parties and opens up a whole new world for capturing memories at night. The 1080/50p Recording improves sensitivity and reduces noise by half and allows twice the information of interlace recording. Compared to the conventional interlace method, the 1080/50p not only contains twice the amount of information but also greatly increases image density and makes even the tiniest details clear. It smoothly reproduces the images of fast-moving subjects without leaving after-images, which makes it ideal for shooting sports scenes as well as landscapes. Perfect Panasonic Partner When you need speed, go with SanDisk Extreme 30MB/s Edition SDHC card and get more out of your Panasonic camcorder, with SanDisk’s fastest SDHC card. It allows the user to shoot hours of material without having to download and erase before changing cards. As a class 10 card, it exceeds the requirements of a high definition video card. The card is available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. Features of the Panasonic HD700 Series: ¬∑ 3MOS Sensor ¬∑ 1080/50p Recording (full-HD 1920 x 1080, 50 Progressive Recording) ¬∑ Leica Dicomar Lens ¬∑ Crystal Engine PRO ¬∑ Power Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS) ¬∑ iA (intelligent Auto) including Face Recognition and AF/AE Tracking, Intelligent Scene Selector, Intelligent Contrast Control, Face Detection and Power OIS ¬∑ 18x intelligent Zoom ¬∑ Still Picture Recording at 14.2 megapixels ¬∑ 5.1 Channel Surround Sound System & ZOOM MicDear Sir or Madam, RRP for the Panasonic HDC-SD700EPK video camera is R10 999

RRP for the SanDisk Extreme 30MB/s Edition SDHC card is from R400 for the 4GB and R2 370 for the 32GB.

All SanDisk products are guaranteed for extreme durability – from deserts to glaciers. They are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.