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Sony Ericsson P800



Until a few months ago, having a cellphone, camera, PDA, web browser and mail client in one neat unit capable of fitting in your pocket was something to be dreamt about. Well not anymore as the new P800 by Sony/Ericsson is all that and more, writes SEAN BACHER.

Before you can start using the phone, you are going to have to plug it in and let the battery start charging. Once plugged in and switched on, you need to initialise the phone, that entails setting things like the date, the time, the time-zone, the country, the currency and many other parameters which might seem quite irrelevant at this point in time but which become quite useful at a later stage. You are now ready to make and receive calls, send SMSs and play games. However, if you’re a power user and want to connect to the Internet, check your e-mail and send MMS messages, you need to punch in various other settings, all of which are available from your service provider. You also need to install some software on your computer and plug in the data cable if you fancy synchronising your contacts and appointments.
The menu is quite easy to navigate and if you have bad eye-sight, you will be happy to know that you can increase the font size a couple of points. The P800 gives you the option of saving up to twenty quick-call contacts, but unlike other phones, you can actually view the names assigned to the various buttons.
It reminds you of upcoming appointments, sends and receives mail, stores all your contact info, lets you jot down quick notes and enables you to keep in touch with your secretary at the office. So in my eyes yes it definitely does deliver on its promise.
Well let’s work it out; your average phone with a colour screen and camera would set you back anywhere from R3 500 to R5 000, your average PDA would set you back an extra R2 000. That’s about seven thousand for two devices. Now for R8 600 you can get both those devices in one unit. Yes it might be a little more expensive, but if you have the money or are thinking of upgrading your contract I really do suggest you seriously consider getting the P800.
The Sony/Ericsson is currently available from all major cellular retail outlets. However if you want to find a stockist closest to you, contact Sony/Ericsson on (011) 844-2000.

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