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Sean Bacher

Something on the Side: Check your calorie count

In this week’s edition of Something on the Side, SEAN BACHER looks at the Nike Fuel Band, the Phillips Sound Tower, a speaker that is able to change shape, the PowerSkin NFC-enabled smartphone battery case and the Logic3 Phone Station.

Nike Fuel Band

Unlike similar devices that claim to make you more healthy: the Nike Fuel Band does perform a practical function. It measures your everyday footsteps, takes a calorie count and estimates the energy you use. The rubber band has a built-in LED display that shows your progress and spurs you on to reach the goals you have set. To start using it, download the Nike Fuel Band app to an iPhone, set your goals and start walking. It also has the option of posting your progress to Facebook and Twitter. Do resist the temptation your followers will think you’re either bragging or spamming.

Expect to pay: R1 500

Stockists: The Nike Fuel Band can be ordered from

Philips DCM5090 Sound Tower

The Philips Sound Tower is specially designed for the Apple iPhone 4S and iPod as it has a 15-pin connector dock. But a 3.5mm line in plug also lets you connect other MP3 players and a USB input for playing music straight off a memory stick. Its cylindrical shape stands quite high and looks elegant when placed in the corner of a room.

Expect to pay: R5 000

Stockists: Available from most reputable electronics retail outlets.

DBEST Transformative Bluetooth Hi-Fi System

The Transformative Bluetooth Hi-Fi System lets you alter its shape to go match you mood and environment. It uses two loudspeakers, incorporates a microSD slot, has a microphone and includes a 3.5mm auxiliary port. It also offers wireless connectivity through Bluetooth. The speaker also works as a speakerphone and includes an OLED display to show caller ID and track information.

Expect to pay: R2 000

Stockists: The DBEST Transformative Bluetooth Hi-Fi system can be ordered from

PowerSkin NFC enabled smartphone battery case

The PowerSkin NFC enabled smartphone battery case is designed for the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. Not only does it allow users to transfer data, photos and music with other NFC enabled phones, but the 1 500 mAh rechargeable battery offers an additional 3 hours of talk time. The case itself is made from silicon to protect the smartphone from everyday bumps and scratches and includes LED lights to display the amount of charge left in the battery.

Expect to pay: R800

Stockists: Visit for ordering information.

Logic3 Phone Station

The Logic3 Phone Station converts most Android, BlackBerry and Apple smartphones into desktop device via a 3.5mm cable plugged into the phone. Once connected, the phone sits in a cradle, alongside a wired handset. When the phone rings, you answer it by picking up the handset no need to press the answer button. A speaker is built into the Phone Station for conference calls.

Expect to pay: R200

Stockists: The Logic3 Phone Station can be ordered from

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