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Sean Bacher

Something on the Side: Automated GPS logbook

In the first edition of Something on the Side for 2013, SEAN BACHER looks at the LG Magic Remote, Beats by Dr Dre. Headphones, a SARS-compliant GPS Log Book and the newly released Appening app. He also plays around with the Griffin Helo RC Helicopter.

GPS Log Book

The GPS Log Book is a small, wireless device that plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car and records the details of every trip, using GPS technology, intelligent logging software and a substantial logging memory. After a few trips, just plug it into your computer and the trips can be viewed using Google Maps, categorised and annotated with comments, resulting in a quick, detailed and SARS-compliant tax logbook that is available online at any time.

Expect to pay: R850

Stockists: Visit to order one.

LG Magic Remote

The Magic Remote lets you control your Smart TV using voice commands, hand gestures or by simply pointing it at the TV. The Magic Remote can also be set up to control other devices such as DVD players, set-top boxes and surround sound systems. The point feature will set it operate certain games consoles.

Expect to pay: R1 400

Stockists: Visit for your closest dealer.

Beats by Dr Dre. Executive headphones

Beats Executive headphones are targeted at the businessperson on the move. The battery-powered noise cancellation is powerful enough to reduce a jet engine to a whisper and deliver music without outside interruption. The automatic on/off feature powers the headphones down when you take them off. Put them back on, and the music starts up again. The speakers pivot up to 90 degrees for a comfortable fit without wear-fatigue. But luxury does come at a price.

Expect to pay: R4 000

Stockists: Visit for a stockist in your area.

Appening mobile app The Appening app is a South African location-enabled mobile app that lets you search for entertainment and other events like markets and marathons in your area based on genre, proximity, event name or performers. Users can search for events happening right now or at a scheduled time and date, and add them to a calendar. They can then share events or their calendar with friends and colleagues also using the Appening app.

Expect to pay: Appening is a free download. Stockists: Available from the Apple iStore, Google Play and the BlackBerry App World. Visit for more information.

Griffin Helo RC Helicopter

Controlling the Griffin RC Helicopter is like playing a game on your iPhone or iPod. The difference is that, instead of controlling a virtual helicopter on the screen, you are controlling a real miniature chopper. It reacts to wind resistance, objects and gravity much like a real one would. Download the app from the iStore, charge up the chopper via a USB cable, and you are ready to go.

Stockists: Most reputable electronic retail outlets across South Africa.

Expect to pay: R699

* Follow Sean on Twitter on @SeanBacher

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