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Something on the Side: Check what’s up with the Garmin HUD

In this week’s Something on the Side, SEAN BACHER highlights the Garmin HUD, Microlab’s H30BT speakers, a USB Snake Scope and the Roku 3 Streaming media player.

Garmin HUD

The Garmin HUD projects navigation information onto a car’s windshield, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road while getting detailed information on where to go. The HUD displays turn-by-turn information, the car’s current speed and warns the driver of any speed cameras. It works with the Navigon app, which has to be installed on a smartphone. Once installed and the phone is paired with the HUD, users can input their destination details, with a detailed map being displayed on the phone and specific, easy-to-read information being sent to the HUD.


Expect to pay: R1 600

Microlab H30BT speakers

The Microlab H30BT speakers are bookshelf-sized and are great for users that want a little extra oomph when watching DVDs or listening to music. The speakers connect to a TV or DVD player via a standard audio cable and require very little setup. There is no remote, but the speakers include physical Volume, Base and Treble controls. The H30BTs have Bluetooth capability, allowing users to play music directly from a paired tablet or smartphone. In addition to Bluetooth, the speakers offer NFC, meaning a user merely has to tap an NFC enabled device on the speaker to start listening to music.

Stockists: Most electronic retail outlets nationwide.

Expect to pay: R2 150

USB Snake Scope

The USB Snake Scope comprises a USB receiver and a camera mounted on a bendable neck. Once connected, the camera streams video footage directly to a computer, making it great for peering under furniture or in other difficult to see places. 007 wannabes can also use it as a spy camera as the two-foot neck is able go around corners and even under doors. In addition, the camera is waterproof and is rather rugged, making it a good tool for looking in engines.


Expect to pay: R995

Roku 3 Streaming media player

Most smart TVs come with some sort of wireless streaming option, but for those that don’t, there is the Roku 3 Streaming media player. Once connected to a HDMI port on a TV, it lets users stream video and music from any computer connected to a home network. Just about any video and audio format is supported and the Roku 3 offers users the ability to connect to overseas Internet streaming TV services like Netflix. The Roku includes a remote and also has a motion controller.


Expect to pay: R1 870

* Sean Bacher is editor of Follow him on Twitter on @SeanBacher

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