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Solar gets safety boost

Sungrow says it is selling not only uninterrupted power, but also peace of mind.

Solar energy provider Sungrow is promising South Africans not only unitnerruped power, but also control and safety as prepeares to launch a new range of products.

Its innovative power optimiser technology, says the company, is designed to safeguard homes across the country.

“As South Africa embraces the transition to clean energy, Sungrow remains steadfast in its commitment to providing solutions that not only brighten homes but also bring a sense of security and peace of mind to communities across the nation,” says Izzat Sankari, channels business director for Sungrow in the Middle East and Africa. “Our mission is simple: to empower South Africans with reliable, safe, and efficient energy solutions that they can depend on.”

Sungrow’s power optimiser technology means that, in times of crisis, such as a fire, the system shuts down key modules in 20 seconds – twice as fast as the industry standard.

Sungrow claims an outstanding safety record, boasting a total of 3GWh battery energy storage systems (BESS) shipment in South Africa. The system features water & dust resistance with IP65 protection, lightning resistance with Type II DC & AC SPD, and fire threat resistance through rapid shutdown when system errors occur.

Sungrow’s power optimiser technology is corrosion resistant with C5 anti-corrosion properties, making it suitable for coastal and farming environments. With national standards such as South Africa NRT and CoCT approval, and appliance radiation meeting EU standards for low radiation levels, Sungrow’s technology also meets high quality and safety standards.

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