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Snapchat goes big on Originals

Snapchat owner Snap Inc has announced a new slate of Snap Originals, as well as new augmented reality features.

“Snap launched Discover in January 2015 as a place for Snapchatters to explore premium content from an editorial perspective,” the company said in a statement last week. “Rooted in the creativity of its community and facilitated by the unique power of the Snapchat camera, Discover pioneered the first Story format and vertical video content orientation now being adopted by other platforms. Today, Discover features mobile magazines (called Publisher Stories), and Shows from hundreds of creative partners around the world.”

Snap unveiled its first slate of serialised Snap Originals in October 2018. Season one of Endless Summer was watched by over 28 million unique viewers, and over 40% of the users that completed the first episode of The Dead Girls Detective Agency went on to watch the entire first season.
Snap Originals are available on the Discover page to Snapchat users globally. Each episode averages five minutes in length and brands can purchase commercials within these shows, in Snap’s six-second, non-skippable ad format. For more on Snap Originals, visit:

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