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CES 2024: Tyres get even smarter

Intelligent Tyres that can read the road are the next big things in wheels, writes SHERYL GOLDSTUCK.

We’re used to cars with smart technology built in, and artificial intelligence (AI) taking over some driving functions. But before long, even the car’s wheels will get smart, maybe even learning our national sport of dodging potholes and lucky packet drivers. 

That’s the implied capability of “intelligent tyres”, which will be able to read the road and report back to the vehicle. Imagine how much that could add to driving safety and performance?

According to Goodyear, showcasing its SightLine technology at the CES expo in Las Vegas this week, “developments in tyre intelligence technologies are poised to transform the future of transportation, ushering in a new era of smart and sustainable mobility”.

Goodyear SightLine is a suite of tyre intelligence technologies that will be integrated into a range of vehicle systems. For example, ZF cubiX is a scalable vehicle motion control software ecosystem that coordinates all dimensions of vehicle dynamics.

“This provides further tyre and road data into the chassis system and enables an improved driving experience with better comfort, control and efficiency,” says Goodyear.

The tyre intelligence will also be integrated into advanced anti-lock brake systems, with the potential of reducing stopping distance by nearly two metres.

Could this be the next big thing in autonomous cars? It’s possible.

Self-driving vehicles could benefit masively from the technology, as demonstrated during CES 2024 by Gatik AI, which has rolled out an autonomous delivery fleet consisting of Class 3–7 box trucks. Gatik, a leader in autonomous middle mile B2B logistics, is the first to integrate tyre intelligence technology into an autonomous driving system.

This enables it to advance the safety and overall accuracy of its efficient fleet operations, while improving delivery uptime and reliability, the company says.

“Being the vehicle’s only contact point to the road, the tyre can play a pivotal role in enabling the vehicle to react like a driver would,” says Chris Helsel, senior vice president of global operations and chief Technology officer of Goodyear. 

“Gatik is revolutionising the autonomous technology space, and by providing real-time insights through intelligent tire data, we can support Gatik’s autonomous driving system to become even more safe, reliable and efficient.”

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