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Flicker Free Display
highlights Skyworth TV smarts

Skyworth’s 2023 Global TV Festival, running until 8 May, focuses on a QLED+ TV that leads the way in eye protection.

Innovation. First. Leading technology. 

These are all words that are associated with the name Skyworth, the television and technology company that has been behind a number of firsts in South Africa.

Skyworth was the first to launch a full range of borderless screens in South Africa, as well as the first to launch Android TV and Android OLED TV. More recently, it brought the biggest Android 10 TV to this country. 

“What sets us apart is not only that our tech the best you can get,” says senior sales manager John Goosen. “We also always have our consumer top of mind, which is why we’ve launched Flicker Free Display. It’s all about technology that leads the way in eye protection.” 

Skyworth’s Global TV Festival, running from 8 April to 8 May 2023, focuses on the SUE9500 QLED+ TV range, which has led the way in eye protection thanks to Flicker Free Display. The technology provides a comfortable viewing experience, along with breathtaking visuals. 

During the Festival, consumers stand a chance to win big prizes with Skyworth this month. 

Skyworth provided the following guide on how you can win a QLED+ TV or get your money back if you buy one:

1. Win your purchase back – Buy any Skyworth 4K TV during the 2023 Global TV Festival and upload your details and proof of purchase to This enters you into the competition and you could be one of 30 fans to win your money back on your purchase.

2. Share your Skyworth story – If you have a Skyworth TV that is three years or older you stand a chance to win one of 10 brand-new Skyworth QLED+ TV. All you need to do is share a video of your amazing journey with Skyworth so far and why you would like to upgrade to a newer model. Share to Instagram and Facebook tagging @skyworthsa (Instagram) and @Skyworthsa (Facebook) with the hashtags #Skyworth and #TELLINGYOURSTORYWITHSKYWORTH. 

3. Influencers – Lead influencers Wiseman Zither and Rasheeqah Karriem will each be giving away two Skyworth QLED+ TVs on their platforms. All you need to do to stand a chance to win is follow Skyworth on Instagram and Facebook, share either Wiseman’s or Rasheeqah’s Reel to your story and comment on one of the influencers’ Reels what you love about the brand and why you’d love to win.  

“There are currently more than 2.2-billion people worldwide with visual impairment or blindness, of which at least 1-billion have visual impairment that could have been prevented or is yet to be resolved,” says Goosen. “With many of us hybrid working, and winter approaching, meaning more time spent indoors, screentime isn’t going anywhere – in fact we rely on our televisions for entertainment.” 

Flicker Free Display protects the eye from harmful stroboscopic light that’s emitted from screens, including televisions. Using a continuous dimming DC backlight source, the brightness of the backlight can be adjusted, meaning the screen has no flicker, allowing for healthier TV watching. 

“Seeing is believing and your eyes will love watching a Skyworth TV for its unbeatable picture quality,” says Goosen. “Knowing your eyes are protected while doing so, makes the experience even better.” 

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