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Skills plan deadline looms for South African companies

The deadline is looming for a legal requirement that most South African companies don’t even know exists.



Every company with an annual salary bill of more than R500,000 must submit a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) by April 2020.

The WSP is intended to document the skills needed within an organisation, as well as its intention to address the skills it needs. The submission of the WSP has to be in the form of a proposal or skills development plan that complies with the Skills Development Act.  There is a major benefit, though. Companies that meet the necessary skills development legislative requirements are eligible to claim up to 60% of their skills development levy back from their specific Skills Education Training Authority (SETA).

The Skills Development Act aims to improve the quality of life for workers, their prospects of work and labour mobility. It requires that the WSP, as well as Annual Training Report (ATR), be submitted by a Skills Development Facilitator or qualified individual. 

“The submission of both these reports need to reflect the education, training and development activities an organisation has undertaken to show progress from the previous years’ WSP,” says Melissa van Aswegen, ETQA Manager at The Skills Development Corporation. “Points are then awarded towards a company’s B-BBEE Scorecard and organisations can claim from the skills development levy.”

* To find out how to make your company’s submission, conduct a free skills development audit or visit The SDC website.