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You can never have enough memory and, given the increasing demands made by digital cameras, a gigabyte of the stuff on a single memory slot card is going to fill a huge lack of space, says JANE STEELE as she tries the latest from SanDisk.

Just rip open the box and slip it in ‚ you won’t even need to format it before you use it.

It can’t get simpler: in fact there are not even any instructions. Just slip it into any device that would normally use a compact flash card. One warning, though: older devices might not work properly with the card, as it is designed for the latest digital cameras and gadgets.

The only claim the card carries is that it is able to store 1Gb of data. We tested that by plugging it into a computer with a compact flash card slot and, sure enough, the file system showed 1Gb of capacity available in an external drive.

Well, memory cards have been around for quite some time: actually, since the advent of the digital camera. Although the read and write times are much quicker than with older memory cards, the fundamentals remain the same. No real innovativion.

At just under R1000 for a single card that will hold thousands of images, you would have to agree that it most certainly is value for money.

The Extreme III memory card range is available for ordering directly from SanDisk. Visit their web site at

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