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The first time you use the new Apple wireless keyboard and mouse, you realise just how much freedom it offers you. Our preview of the latest in Apple’s new Bluetooth-based peripherals offers a foretaste ‚Ķ

Apple’s new Bluetooth-based peripherals use adaptive frequency hopping to give you reliable wireless performance from a range of up to nine meters, and offer secure 128-bit, over‚the-air encryption that keeps sensitive information safe while you’re typing it.

The first time you use the wireless keyboard you realise just how much freedom it offers you. Rather than being tied to your computer, forced to sit in a perhaps uncomfortable position for hours at a time, you can work however you like. Sitting upright, the keyboard in a tray in front of you. Standing, with the keyboard on top of your desk ‚ or on a pile of books. Stretched out and feet up, the wireless keyboard nestled comfortably in your lap. That’s the type of freedom the keyboard offers.

The wireless keyboard design has a beautifully compact footprint. It comes with a full suite of keys and functionality and it’s a pleasure to use. The keyboard uses the same Bluetooth wireless technology that lets you easily synch addresses, calendars and contacts with your PDA or cell phone. You can also use it to provide a highly secure link to your keyboard and mouse.

The wireless keyboard further features a new keyboard design with 16-full size function keys, a full numeric pad, document navigation keys, a full-size inverted T and multimedia keys that let you adjust audio on your Mac or eject optical media. It uses 4 A4 batteries and features an On/Off switch to conserve battery power when it is not in use.

Since the mouse is wireless, you have the freedom to use it practically anywhere. Not only does the optical tracking engine allow it to work well on most surfaces, but the fact that it’s wireless means you can use it in your left hand or your right, on your pants leg, keyboard tray ‚ or from across your office.

There’s no cable to clutter your desk and tether you to your computer. The wireless mouse has a single button that makes it easy and comfortable to use, regardless of the size of your hand. Whether you have a light touch or a heavy hand, the thoughtful click-force adjustment feature makes it more customisable. And the optical engine provides accurate and responsive cursor movement, unhampered by performance-inhibiting dirt and dust build-up.

Apple has made setting up these Bluetooth devices as simple as turning them on and clicking through an intuitive set-up assistant. The new combined Keyboard and Mouse system preference panel includes a Bluetooth tab that lets you set up your new wireless mouse and keyboard in a snap.

Like using a mouse with your Powerbook? The new wireless mouse is perfect for you, especially when you take your laptop on trips. It has been designed with an Off-switch that lets you save battery power when you travel, and you only need to put the mouse in the On position to re-establish its wireless link with your Mac.

Two delightful peripherals.

Review courtesy Enjin magazine

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