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Gameplay trailer released for Farming Simulator 23

Farming fun everywhere as new edition creates opportunities for an agricultural empire with farming, animal husbandry, and forestry.

The first gameplay trailer for Farming Simulator 23 has been released, showing many new features and improvements of the game.

Giants Software will release the game on May 23, and claim itsets “the new benchmark for farming mobile games in the genre-leading, globally successful Farming Simulator brand”, invented by publisher and developer Giants Software 15 years ago.   
More than three years after the predecessor Farming Simulator 20, Giants Software has expanded the scope, gameplay possibilities, and feature list of its new game in the Switch category. 

At its core, Farming Simulator 23 creates massive opportunities for an agricultural empire with farming, animal husbandry, and forestry. Players have a selection of more than 100 authentically digitised vehicles and tools from renowned manufacturers to seed, grow and harvest 14 different crops. They learn new field mechanics and produce valuable goods: Players expand their businesses and process their harvest into flour and even sell bread at the end to optimize their chosen production chain. 

Animal husbandry is another huge playground for Farming Simulator 23. Players tend to cows, horses, pigs, sheep, and the newly added chickens, as introduced in the cutting-edge cinematic trailer. Two varied maps inspired by environments in the USA and Europe invite exploration and different farming approaches, while the game remains entertaining and relaxed – the players always choose what kind of farmer they want to be!   

For more information visit Farming Simulator website.

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