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SIM security for SMEs

Vodacom Business has launched a device-based security solution for businesses, particularly small businesses, which helps them protect mobile data and information using a Vodacom Business SIM card.

The solution, called SecureNet, is housed on Vodacom’s core network, and requires no large programs to be installed or managed. It eliminates the risk that users will fail to update or implement the protection, which can cause weak points, vulnerable to viruses and malware attacks.

“Smart mobile devices have quickly become an important part of businesses, especially with the era of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD),” says Vuyani Jarana, Chief Executive at Vodacom Business. “However, as more companies depend on mobile devices, cybercrime becomes an even bigger threat with more potential for mobile viruses, mobile malware and phishing.”

Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to fraud because of the limited resources to implement prevention systems. Mobile devices are quickly replacing the usage of laptops and smart devices have taken over to house all the sensitive information any business deems confidential.

“Businesses don’t have to be exposed to cyber fraud that can’t be managed anymore,” says Jarana.

According to Kaspersky, over 145 000 new malicious programmes for mobile devices were detected in the last year, approximately 4 million malicious applications are used by cybercriminals to distribute mobile malware to Android-based devises and the majority of mobile malware targeted users’ money.

“The productivity and cost saving benefits of BYOD are driving its popularity and increase.  Employees are also enabled to work from anywhere and anytime,” says Jarana. “With these great advantages come potentially great threats that must be carefully managed. We’re making that management much simpler and secure.”

Vodacom SecureNet provides protection against mobile viruses, mobile malware and phishing sites when using non-encrypted communication. It also provides protection against email threats.

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