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SideSync links PC to Android

Samsung has unveiled SideSync, a technology that lets users switch from working on their PC to their Android smartphone and visa versa by connecting the two devices via a USB cable.

‚”Samsung devices enable entirely new possibilities for how consumers can task, explore, share, and create using mobile devices. With Samsung SideSync technology, these possibilities are further enhanced by providing consumers with a completely integrated experience between their personal computers and mobile devices,‚” says Mike van Lier, Business Leader for IT Solutions at Samsung Electronics South Africa. ‚”There is no doubt that the ability to easily operate across your mobile device and PC simultaneously can save time and increase efficiencies and Samsung’s SideSync ushers in a new era of mobile working.‚”

SideSync supports mobile phone screen sharing, and enables consumers to use their phone virtually through their PC. This new technology also provides the ability to drag and drop files from one device to another. Now consumers will be able to respond to a text message received on their phone by using their PC’s keyboard or view maps, photos and multimedia material from their device on their PC screen. Files stored on a smartphones can now be edited with additional ease by utilising the computer’s functionality.

‚”This results in a more seamless experience that creates fewer interruptions to work and everyday life. SideSync provides consumers with the ability to utilise the best features of both devices,‚” says van Lier.

SideSync is compatible with all Samsung ATIV notebooks, tablet devices and All-in-One PCs with Windows 8 and it will be pre-loaded as a desktop app on all Windows 8 ATIV models. The mobile app is available through the Samsung Apps store, and currently supports Samsung Android-based devices on the Jelly Bean operating system.

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