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Shop smartly with Mr D

Pick ’n Pay has partnered with Mr D to allow users to order the store’s products by phone. SEAN BACHER spends some money.

This concept is nothing new. Checkers, Woolworths and some Spar outlets have their own online delivery, but one needs to register, enter payment details and delivery addresses for each of these. Pick ’n Pay has opted to align itself with delivery service. Mr D, owned by Takealot, has signed up with over 8,000 food outlets, so chances are your details are registered with them.

To get started, one needs to open the Mr D app and select the Pick ’n Pay option. The interface changes to look more like a store, allowing you to shop by aisle, food type or to search for individual items by brand.

For instance, when I was using the app, I opted to browse by aisle to find baked beans, but instead found that including a brand such as Koo baked beans was much quicker. I was, however, disappointed to see that there is no option to select a tin size, nor was there an option to choose the beans in chili sauce; it was tomato sauce or nothing. 

On the other hand, browsing by aisle helps a bit more in that different brands are displayed. I was also presented with options like the four-bean mix – great for salads- cannellini beans and baked or butter beans. So I went from aisle to aisle, which works better than using a shopping list. I think the likes of Pick ’n Pay have worked this out, as one is very likely to impulse buy.

When ordering, I stuck to canned and non-perishable items. I have seen the pickers running around the shops grabbing the first lettuce or first pack of mince meat they see, whereas I would take my time and select the juiciest looking vegetables and fruits and the meats with just the right amount of fat. 

I was also hesitant to select perishables, as I had no idea as to how long Mr D would take to deliver. This turned out to be a no-brainer as I was told my groceries would be delivered in 60 minutes – and they arrived in under thirty minutes.

I was also delighted to find that I could order out-of-the-ordinary items such as snails, Tobasco and sauerkraut, not something that people would order on a daily basis. I then went for the essentials like toilet paper and had a look at their two-for-one specials, some of which I could not resist.

Before burning a hole in my credit card, I decided it was time to check out, which was a seamless experience. Once you get a list of your items, the app shows you which items are out of stock and recommends alternatives.

It also checks other stores in your area and matches their stock to what you have ordered. The one with the best match wins so even though you chose the Norwood branch, your groceries could be coming from the one in Killarney Mall. The only inconvenience could be that delivery time may be a little longer. Should this not suit you, you can always save your cart and the app will notify you when all your items are available, and you can continue with the checkout process.

Once at the checkout screen, one can pay with a voucher, credit card or a combination of the two. Customers also have to accept the mandatory R35 delivery fee and there is an option to tip the driver – all tips go to the driver. Then enter the recommended details and a virtual invoice is emailed to you. In under an hour the doorbell will ring with a friendly driver announcing: “Service”.

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