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Serious Gadgets of the Year

Gadgetry is not only about fun devices, writes ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK as he picks the best business gadgets of 2018.



Best storage device: Synology DiskStation 218 Play

With cloud storage becoming essential, but fast connectivity not always available, Synology’s DiskStation 218 Play offers a great alternative to those who want to access their stored files quickly and, in some cases, without an Internet connection. It falls into a category of business technology known as Network Attached Storage, usually aimed at enterprises, but this one is designed with small businesses in mind. As a result, the setup is straightforward and backups can be run seamlessly. This product is available from Takealot.

Best docking device: Samsung DeX Pad

The DeX Pad’s redesign, following a lukewarm reception for the DeX Station docking device in 2017, squeezes in more functionality by allowing the smartphone to be used as a touchpad. It also adds more USB ports for expansion devices, making it far more versatile. Despite it connecting to Android-based devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, it can run Windows with cloud-based virtual machines from Citrix, VMware and Amazon Web Services.

Best payment device: Yoco Wireless Lite and Wireless Pro

Yoco’s latest card reader devices, the Wireless Lite and Wireless Pro, are intended to disrupt how merchants accept payments in South Africa. With these card readers, merchants can accept payments from anywhere with a mobile signal on their smartphones. The option is attractive to a wide range of small businesses, from street merchants to pop-up stores to food carts.

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