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Scene It? You may soon, on Xbox

If your love of movies ranges from The Bourne Ultimatum to Clueless and every movie in between, there is a new way of wasting time ‚ and having fun on an Xbox while you’re about it. It’s called ‘Scene It? Box Office Smash’, and it combines favourite moments from movies with trivia fun for family and friends. And it arrives in South Africa on 14 November.

Microsoft promises you will have hours of fun hanging out with friends and family reliving your favourite moments from the silver screen when Microsoft Game Studios and Krome Ltd’s ‚Scene It? Box Office Smash‚ . That is shorthand for Microsoft HOPES you will have that kind of fun, since movie-themed games that are no tied to action thrillers have not generally captivated South African audiences.

Will this one change the market? We will be able to tell after 14 November, when it arrives at South African retailers.

It is one of several new social party games coming to Xbox 360 this year. If it is to your taste ‚ not to mention that of friends and family ‚ then it will be a great way to entertain guests with up to four players or teams matching their wits in a trivia game featuring popular movies.

Complete with more Hi-Definition content not seen in the movies, all-new questions and engaging puzzle types, ‚Scene It? Box Office Smash‚ is intended to provide hours of laughter. The goal? To challenge your friends and family to see whose movie knowledge reigns supreme.

At a retail price of R699, ‚Scene It? Box Office Smash‚ comes bundled with four easy to use, gameshow-style wireless Big Button Pad controllers that transforms the living room into a proper game show set.

‚Scene It? Box Office Smash‚ contains content from more than 250 movies, spanning classic films and family favourites like The Breakfast Club, The Sting and Shrek to recent box offices hits, including Charlie Wilson’s War, The Last King of Scotland and Juno.

· For a complete list of films in the game, visit

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