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Satellite broadband for aircraft

Gilat Satellite Networks has announced an on the move satellite solution for airborne applications. The solution features one of the smallest antennas in its category and is best suited for aircraft and military markets.

Gilat Satellite Networks has announced a satcom-on-the-move (SOTM) solution for airborne applications, featuring a very small Ku-band broadband antenna customized for airborne use.

“Gilat’s strategy which led to the acquisition of Wavestream and RaySat Antenna Systems has enabled us to produce a fully integrated solution that benefits from the combined core competencies and technological advancement of the three companies””, said Moshe (Chico) Tamir, Gilat’s Vice President of Defense and Homeland Security. “”Our integrated solution, featuring what we believe is the industry’s smallest and most lightweight antenna in its category, is optimal for the defense and military markets as it addresses the critical need for reduced weight in order to increase the endurance of unmanned aerial vehicles.””

The solution is comprised of Gilat’s MLT-1000 ruggedized spread spectrum satellite modem, RaySat Antenna Systems’ SR-71 – a two-way, on-the-move, flat panel tracking antenna, and Wavestream’s compact 40W Ku-band block up-converter (BUC) and power amplifier, part of the AeroStream airborne product family, all of which have been tightly integrated to produce a lightweight, compact and low-power terminal that is ideal for airborne applications.

RaySat Antenna Systems’ SR-71 is a very compact and lightweight broadband mobile antenna. Part of the StealthRay family of products, it includes a 6 inch broadband array which tracks any Ku-band satellite position. The SR-71 can support high broadband user experience of up to 1 Mbps transmit and 2 Mbps receive.

The MLT-1000 supports very low SNR (signal to noise ratio) of -13dB, optimally integrating with the small dimensions of the SR-71 antenna. Complementing the solution is a 40W BUC that delivers high output-power with low power-draw in a compact and lightweight enclosure.

Gilat recently conducted a successful live paid demonstration of the terminal showcasing high performance transmissions of IP data and video communications.

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