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SandBlast Agent for Browsers



Check Point Software’s SandBlast Agent for Browsers with Zero Phishing technology is designed to protect users from evolving threats by incorporating key components of the security model into the browser.


SandBlast Agent for Browsers

Check Point Software’s SandBlast Agent for Browsers with Zero Phishing technology is designed to protect users from evolving threats by incorporating key components of the security model into the browser. It provides real-time protection, all while reducing the resources required to prevent today’s attacks.

SandBlast Agent for Browsers includes the following features:
• Proactive, real-time protection from advanced malware delivers safe reconstructed content within seconds
• Dynamic analysis blocks unknown and zero-day phishing attacks targeting user credentials
• Simple, easy-to-deploy browser plugin for Internet Explorer and Chrome that installs in minutes and operates with minimal overhead
• Highest malware catch rate in the industry, utilising advanced sandbox technology and patented CPU-level detection

Product of the Day

Experian Ascend Analytics: Big data made easy

Experian Ascend Analytics on Demand is a fully integrated big data and analytics platform, and it comes at a time when emerging data sources, advanced analytics, insight and digital transformation are top-of-mind for many decision-makers.

A recent survey found just 30% of senior decision-makers are currently making use of the full potential of data analytics software, two in five say they still base their performance on subjective opinion and instinct and 78% plan to invest in advanced analytics capabilities within the next 12 months.

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The software is designed to meet these needs by offering businesses of all sizes access a wide range of anonymised Experian data in combination with industry-leading analytical tools and expert consultancy support, allowing users to identify the key insights that will best serve their customers and drive growth.

Francesco Nazzarri, MD of Commercial Strategy for Experian EMEA, says: “To effectively compete in today’s economy, businesses must be able to quickly use and understand a vast range of data assets, to move at speed with their market and consistently deliver outcomes that best serve their customers.

“Ascend does exactly that. It quickly converts vast quantities of data into smart, actionable insights by leveraging the latest analytical innovation, machine learning and artificial intelligence tools.  Ascend is an important part of our suite of market-leading products, all of which will accelerate the ability of business to harness big data’s full potential.  Better still, Ascend can seamlessly integrate with PowerCurve, our leading decisioning and workflow software solution.  We’re able to help move our customers from a world where planning and implementing new strategies takes many months, towards a space where the same activities could now take just days.

“We have successfully deployed Ascend with several global clients over the last 24 months, and it has proven an extremely powerful and versatile solution – our customers are effectively using it for new product development, benchmarking and performance tracking, market expansion and to make many more intelligent decisions.”

Customers can use Ascend to build their own predictive models and make decisions by applying machine learning and AI techniques to Experian’s anonymised credit, client and alternative data. This creates a rich ‘whole of market’ view.  Its analytical machine-learning tools mine layers of content to gain deep insights about business and consumers. Results are delivered in seconds, via flexible self-service tools and visualisations suitable for senior decision makers – ie, not too tech-savvy. Ascend’s launch marks the first time that this level of tailored self-service and instant analysis has been available to many in-house analytics teams in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

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Video of the Day

Exclusive preview: Shadow of the Tomb Raider – The Nightmare

As a special treat from Square Enix, the trailer for the third addition to The Shadow of the Tomb Raider game, “The Nightmare”, is premiering via Gadget a few hours before its general midnight release.

In the additional story, Lara faces off against familiar enemies and fallen friends. In order to obtain a powerful and mysterious weapon, she must face the music in a new challenge tomb, battle foes who look familiar, but are not like any she’s faced before, and confront the deadliest enemy of all: herself.

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The downloadable content (DLC) takes place on the Croft Manor estate, where we find Lara picking her way through the voices of the past, as she confronts the demons from her past. One can expect this to be a creepy psychological horror trip, and that it will probably bring up the characters who have fallen in her formative years, to use them against her.

The Nightmare DLC launches on all platforms on January 22. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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